Wisdom literature speaks to our deepest longings.  Prayer is a direct path to Wisdom. For too long, the institutional church has held captive the language of prayer.  Prayer is actually a doorway that is open to all regardless of how you identify yourself (religious, non-religious, spiritual, agnostic, seeker, atheist, etc.). We’re all on a journey of the heart.  

Our story and how we understand the stories of others is one of the keys to wisdom. To awaken to our inner Wisdom we must respect our own story and the stories of others.  Here’s an excellent and helpful link:

The Danger of a Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Prayer is a universal language primarily focused on listening.  We listen for the still small voice within.  Prayer may also include thanksgiving, request, confession and celebration, depending on our context.The link below is one form of prayer that may inform your journey.  Enjoy.

Prayer – The Secret Journey of the Heart

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