Meditation: The Sound of Beauty

The sound of beauty.  We each know that sound.

A bird.  Wind in the trees.  Laughter from a child.

What is the sound of beauty?  Listen.  It’s all around you.

In the voice of the beloved.  In the silence of your heart.

anthony glenn miller

earth & sky

Even when the sage travels far,  
he is not separate  
from his own true nature.  
Maintaining awareness of natural beauty,  
he still does not forget his purpose. 

Chapter 26 – Tao Te Ching

earth & sky

Do not adorn yourselves outwardly by braiding your hair, and by wearing gold ornaments or fine clothing; rather, let your adornment be the inner self with the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in God’s sight.

I Peter 3:3-4