Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Will Rodgers


Silence is the first language of Spirit. When I’m at a cafe or public space I often look for the person most comfortable with silence.  I ride the metro in Los Angeles.  The blue line is often the most noisy of the three lines I frequent (gold, red & blue metro lines). Yesterday a man was sitting on the blue line with his eyes closed with no earbuds.  He was clearly not asleep.  Yet his presence was still and peaceful amidst the bustle around him. He offered a beautiful silence. 

anthony glenn miller


Nature’s way is to say but little;

high winds are made still with the turn of the tide,

and rarely last all morning,

nor heavy rain, all day.

Therefore, when talking,

remember also to be silent and still.

Chapter 23 – Tao Te Ching


If you would only keep silent,
    that would be your wisdom!

Job 13:5