Mediation – Honor each person.  Honor each moment.

Keep death daily before your eyes.  St. Benedict, and sages from many traditions, honor the wisdom of daily remembering our mortality.  Our post-modern society is a death-denying culture.  Many families go through much  expense to dress up and bury a dead body.  The most rewarding part of any funeral is authentic sharing of what was valued most about the person who has died.

My friend, Harry, wasn’t a church-goer and he was suspicious of most religious people.  He had a keen sense of humor and wonderful radar for detecting inauthentic people. Harry used another term for inauthentic people. Ultimately, Harry didn’t care if you were a churchgoer, religious, spiritual or wore no label at all. Harry was simply fond of a good drink, beautiful women and those who kept it real. At Harry’s funeral, people of all makes and models showed up to honor this sometimes harsh, openly flawed, deeply caring, and thoroughly loving man. Everyone who shared at Harry’s funeral – without exception – told stories that captured his beauty and boldness. Each person knew that the way of making the dead into instant-saints wouldn’t work here. Harry wasn’t bucking for sainthood.  Yet, after years of observing Harry’s quiet acts of kindness and generosity, concealed under gruffness, it’s hard to imagine a more saintly person. Harry would offer a few salty words for me if I said this in his presence. I miss Harry. 

Harry, and all who live fully and authentically, inspire me to do the same.  We only pass this way but once. Each day is a time that will never be again. Live fully. Live lovingly. Live generously. Live authentically. Enjoy the journey.

anthony glenn miller


That which is firmly rooted,  
is not easily torn from the ground;  
just as that which is firmly grasped,  
does not slip easily from the hand.  
The virtue of the Tao is real,  
if cultivated in oneself;  
when loved in the family, it abounds;  
when throughout the village, it will grow;  
and in the nation, be abundant.  
When it is real universally,  
virtue is in all people. 

Chapter 54 – Tao Te Ching


True and False Disciples

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 7:21