Meditations on Gentle Simplicity


MOGS are Meditations on Gentle Simplicity.  MOGS are an invitation to the inward journey. On the home page, each video and text beneath it is offered as a meditation on gentle simplicity (MOGS). MOGS are an invitation to slow down, reflect and listen to the still small voice within.  The voice of wisdom.  The voice of love.  The voice that can only be heard in the inner stillness as you move through your day.  It takes the discipline of forming a new habit to cultivate stillness and inner silence especially for those with a busy life. This website offers tools for you to slow down and embrace stillness. It’s ironic, we get more done by doing less.

I coined the term MOGS to complement the term blogs.  MOGS counterbalance BLOGS.  MOGS heal our cultural imbalance.  Our culture is full of invitations to the outward journey of information, entertainment and the beautiful wonders of the world outside ourselves. Our culture is not so great at inviting us to the inward journey. As we’re daily renewed from the inside we have something more beautiful to offer the world outside; we walk in beauty.  MOGS invite us to this journey through silence, listening and inner transformation.  The inward journey.

Meditation & Haiku

Meditation is a way to focus.  Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry that (in it’s traditional form) uses three phrases in a 5-7-5 syllabic combination is used in some of my later MOGS. This adapted form of Haiku offers simple and brief reflections on the particular theme for meditation.

Meditation is a way to awaken to the present moment. Meditation the art of accepting the challenge of the promise, power and possibilities that are pregnant in each moment. In short, meditation is the art of being.  Most of us are well-versed at doing.  Meditation invites us to explore being.  The only way to know the power of fully being is to enter the discipline of being fully awake to each moment through meditation.


Gentleness is interaction that is mild, thoughtful and appropriate to the situation.  We’re called to honor all life.  Gentleness is the light and modest way of approaching others that is spacious, kind and always has regards for the need of the other.


Simplicity is a way of being clean and direct in our thoughts, words and actions.  Simplicity is transparency in action.  Simplicity is a beautiful way to offer others and the Earth our best in plain and direct ways of being that honors direct action that when coupled with gentleness is a thoughtful offering. 

Welcome to the world of MOGS. 

May your thoughts words and deeds come from a place of thoughtful meditation and gentle simplicity.

Let’s Begin.