Driving in Los Angeles

Although I’ve given up cars for my personal use, I still drive my mom around parts of the Los Angeles basin. Even though I don’t have a daily commute, I find the freeways of LA to be a nightmarish venture.  Daily meditation has altered my experience.

Lovingkindness vs. Road Rage

As I center myself in meditation each morning in the silence of my room, I’ve noticed that I’m more mindful and offer lovingkindness, even as I drive the LA freeways.  My transformation is still a work in progress.  Still, I find one of the most overt ways to chart spiritual development in LA is to watch how I and others drive. Unless the discipline of meditation touches every aspect of our lives, it remains an intellectual exercise. 

Slow is beautiful. 

Loyalty to the discipline of meditation yields bountiful positive results. This is often a slow yet lovely process. At first these changes may appear small or virtually undetectable.  In time, we can look back and see how you’ve become more gracious, kind, and gentle in our approach to yourself and others. Through daily meditation – anchored in lovingkindness – experience the gentle transformation to a life that radiates authentic beauty. For more on how to meditate, see my meditation page. Enjoy the journey.

anthony glenn miller

The stiff, the hard, and brittle  
are harbingers of death,  
and gentleness and yielding  
are the signs of that which lives.  
The warrior who is inflexible  
condemns himself to death,  
and the tree is easily broken,  
which ever refuses to yield.  
Thus the hard and brittle will surely fall,  
and the soft and supple will overcome.  

Chapter 76 – Tao Te Ching