Like water, the sage abides in a humble place.

In meditation; without desire,

In thoughtfulness; profound,

In dealings; kind,

In speech; sincere.

As a guide; just,

In management; competent.

Abiding in the Tao the pacing is correct.

Chapter 8 – Tao Te Ching


After Jesus had left that place, he passed along the Sea of Galilee,

and he went up the mountain, where he sat down.

Great crowds came to him,

bringing with them the lame, the maimed, the blind, the mute,

and many others.

They put them at his feet, and he cured them,

so that the crowd was amazed when they saw the mute speaking,

the maimed whole, the lame walking, and the blind seeing.

And they praised the God of Israel.

Matthew 15:29-31


Live well. Be whole.

Tao dwells beyond young and old.

Healing flows from the loving soul.

anthony glenn miller