Meditation: Healing and Silence

My recent move to San Francisco from Los Angeles  has been many things.  Joyful. Challenging. Curious. Blessed.  The Society of St. Francis (SSF), also known as the Franciscans, is a Christian brotherhood that seeks to follow Jesus Christ and honor the passionate work of St. Francis of Assisi. In addition to serving the poor in Golden Gate Park, ministering to the homeless in a place called Sanctuary, and offering other works of mercy – these brothers struggle to live with one another in loving dignity. Time in mindful silence and communal prayer is helpful to our life together.

In an increasingly noisy world, the power of a mindful silence is often under-ratted or ignored.  None of us can solve all the problems of the world.  We can serve in mindful silence to promote the well-being of all living creatures. 

The transitions and challengers of life are often best met through the anchor of a mindful silence.  A mindful silence is healing.  A mindful silence is a way to stay centered and available to yourself and others.  Tools for cultivating a mindful silence are available on this and other websites.  Enjoy the journey.

anthony glenn miller


Nature’s way is to say but little;  
high winds are made still  
with the turn of the tide,  
and rarely last all morning,  
nor heavy rain, all day.  
Therefore, when talking,  
remember also  
to be silent and still.

Chapter 23 – Tao Te Ching


If you would only keep silent,
    that would be your wisdom!

Job 13:5