Meditation:  One

April 2014

This month we’ll explore various aspects of healing.

One Earth.  One Love.  One Community.  We’re all connected.  A remnant of the souls on Earth know and honor this truth.  Mystics – and all true keepers of the Spirit – know this Oneness.  As you go forward today, can you see yourself in the other?  The beautiful old lady.  The watchful curious child.  The homeless anxious beggar.  The wealthy well-dressed man.  The vibrant young student.  The distracted digital-age teenager.  The quietly lonely stranger.  We are one.  Treat yourself gently in all your forms.  Awakening to our Oneness is the movement towards healing. Our healing is intimately tied to the healing of the Earth. Let your inner healing begin. As you heal so does the Earth. Enjoy the journey.

anthony glenn miller


To be sick of sickness is a sign of good health,
therefore the wise person grows sick of sickness,
and sick of being sick of sickness,
’til they are sick no more.

Chapter 71 -Tao Te Ching


A bad messenger brings trouble,
but a faithful envoy, healing.

Proverbs 13:17