What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of being present.  Classic meditation is the art of being still.  Meditation may also take place while walking or doing other activities as long as the attention is focused and mindfulness of the present moment is maintained.

Here is an excellent link to instructions on meditation:

How to Meditate

Setting aside time each morning and evening for 10-20 minutes of meditation is a good way to begin this discipline.  Less or more time may frame your discipline.  The key is to develop a daily rhythm (as you sit, walk or lay down flat on your back). As you are loyal to this discipline of meditation, it will become a way of being through each moment of your day. Lovingkindness meditation is particularly beautiful. Here’s a link to assist you in this form:

Metta – Lovingkindness Meditation

Remember this is a process.  Slow is beautiful. The discipline of offering even 10-20 minutes each morning to meditation will yield much over time.

Meditation as Life

Eventually your life becomes a living meditation as you bring stillness and patience to all you think, say and do.  Welcome to this journey.